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Environmental Policy Statement


SMFI Ltd. is a responsible company committed to the environment with the principal objective of continual environmental improvement. It will seek to conduct its activities in a manner that will minimise environmental harm, and where possible prevent any polluting activities by implementing the requirements of the International Standard ISO 14001.

SMFl, its Board and Managers will:

Comply with relevant legislation, regulation and government guidance and where possible, the applicable industry codes of practice on environmental issues.

Use our resources efficiently by minimising waste, conserving energy and water and controlling dust and noise pollution.

Seek to use the most environmentally friendly materials where a choice exists, the most environmentally efficient modes of transport and reduce unnecessary travel.

Provide relevant information and training to all staff and involve employees, suppliers, customers and environmental protection agencies in the pursuit of our policy implementation.

Implement a waste management policy which seeks to reduce, re-use and recycle where possible.

Encourge suppliers and customers to meet the same standards of environmental probity.

Pursue a systematic, planned approach to the identification of environmental aspects affecting our business, assessing associated risks and controlling the significant risks.

Monitor and regularly review our environmental performance against objectives and targets set out in annual improvement plans.

Make the policy available to all interested parties.


SMFI is accountable for environmental matters and requires its board and their managers to be responsible for performance within their areas. All employees have a legal duty to care of the environment and must exercise these duties to minimise the impact on the environment.


Each Director is responsible to the Managing Director for the implementation of the policy within their areas of control. The Health, Safety and Environmental Manager is responsible for the introduction and maintenance of supporting management systems to ensure compliance with the policy.

Managing Director SMFI Ltd / SMF Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd

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SMFI Ltd. reserves the right to change specifications as part of continuous product improvement programmes.
SMFI Limited is a company registered in England with company number 6819876.