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Health and Safety Policy Statement


SMFI Ltd. is committed to secure the Health & Safety of all those affected by its activities – employees, self-employed, clients, contractors, the public and others on or about our premises. SMF International recognises that the effective management of health & safety is an integral and essential part of our successful business, and that the co-operation and partnership of staff at all levels is vital in achieving the continual health & safety improvements for which we strive, by implementing the requirements of OHSAS 18001.

SMFI, its Board and Managers will:

Comply with health & safety legislation, approved codes of practice, and the HSE standards.

Provide the necessary resources to reduce risks to the health & safety of employees, self-employed, clients, contractors, the public and others about our premises to levels which are as low as reasonably possible.

Ensure the provision of premises, plant equipment and systems of work contribute to a safe and healthy working environment.

Provide the information, instruction, supervision and training necessary for employees to undertake work tasks competently and safely seek the active support, co-operation and participation as applicable, of all employees, self –employed and clients in the pursuit and maintenance of the highest standards of health & safety within the manufacturing industry.

Encourage effective consultation with employees and their representatives on health & safety matters.

Set health & safety objectives, targets and performance standards for people and assets, and ensure continual achievement in annual health & safety improvement plans.

Regularly review, and monitor and audit the effectiveness of the health & safety policy, and undertake improvement actions where necessary.

Make the policy available to all interested parties.


SMFI is accountable for health & safety matters and requires its board and their managers to be responsible for health & safety performance within their areas. All employees have a legal duty to take reasonable care of their own health & safety and that of others affected by their work activities.


Each Director is responsible to the Managing Director for the implementation of the policy within their areas of control. The Health & Safety and Environmental Manager is responsible for the introduction and maintenance of supporting management systems to ensure compliance with the policy.

Managing Director SMFI / SMF Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd

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SMFI Ltd. reserves the right to change specifications as part of continuous product improvement programmes.
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