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International Out of Home Solutions

Malls & Retail

At SMF International we understand that this segment of the OOH market demands a high level of aesthetic quality and customisation.

To meet this need we have a broad range of indoor and outdoor product solutions that range from slim wall mounted units, through very smart stainless steel static and scrolling units, to flex-face vinyl medium and large format solutions. We recommend that you particularly look at some of our newer products:

Universal Designer – An expensive looking product without the high cost
Steelhaus – top of the range stainless steel unit
Ashlar -  Slim “flex face” backlit unit
Highway 6 - carpark lamppost mounted advertising unit.
Skyhi - Large format lamppost mounted advertising unit.

In all cases we have a range of colour, finish and plinth options to enable product customisation to match the environment. In addition to aesthetic design our years of experience mean that we offer products where the critical parts work and continue to work; locks, hinges, seals and anti-corrosion measures. We also offer a whole range of lighting solutions to suit your budget and performance expectations.

We are confident that we have a solution to your requirements.
Please contact us to discuss.

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