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International Out of Home Solutions


Airports form the first impressions of a Country and reflect it's aspirations. The airport attracts the highest quality domestic and international advertising. This, in turn, demands the highest possible quality products to display them in.

There are always many factors, often unique, to consider in the airport environment and we have the experience and track record to deliver products with the following criterion in mind:

  • High aesthetic appeal
  • Stripe-free lighting
  • Energy efficiency
  • Long-life illumination
  • Robustness and efficiency in operation
  • Security (bomb blast, locking etc.)
  • Health & safety (Low fume– low smoke materials)
  • Digital
  • Multiple advertising media types
  • Scrolling

We are proud to have recently added London Heathrow T1, 3 & 4 , the new highly prestigious T5 as well as Bahrain International Airport to our installations.

We recommend that you particularly look at some of our airport products:

Ashlar - Slim flexface or rigid media lighbox
Universal digital - 57” and 70” LCD display effectively packaged with environmental monitoring.
Icelight - Very slim glazed static or scrolling unit with edge-to-edge glazing.
Placard - Banner solution flexface ceiling mounted.
Highway 6 - carpark lamppost mounted advertising unit.
Skyhi - Large format lamppost mounted advertising unit.

In all cases we have a range of colour, finish and options to enable aesthetic customisation. We also offer a range of lighting solutions to suit your budget and performance expectations. These include long life, reduced energy consumption and even LED.

We are confident that we have a solution to your requirements. Please contact us to discuss.

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